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£30,000 People’s Postcode Lottery Winner Off to Vegas
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£30,000 People’s Postcode Lottery Winner Off to Vegas

There have been celebrations in Doncaster, England, after six neighbours each won £30,000 each. Their win came in the Street Prize draw in the People’s Postcode Lottery on October 3.
One of the lucky winners is Marcus. He never imagined that his postcode DN5 8PB would win him £30,000. It wasn’t until he received a phone call from the People’s Postcode Lottery staff that he knew he’d won. “I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least when I got the call. You don't get many calls like that,” said the lucky winner.
Now he’s dreaming of spending his 35th birthday in Las Vegas. He’s already started spending some of his People’s Postcode Lottery win. He watched a Manchester United match from a corporate box that the company he works for has. “I went with some of my colleagues. We had a good few drinks and it was a great atmosphere with the stadium erupting, it was like a double celebration,” he said

DIY work on its way

The £30,000 windfall will also help him carry out more house renovations. If his neighbours hear a noise, it’ll be Marcus knocking a wall down so he can create a kitchen diner, complete with new kitchen, all thanks to his postcode.
He’s busy celebrating his People’s Postcode Lottery win but is delighted other neighbours have won too. Marcus commented: "It's nice to be able to share the experience with other people, especially people you know, that you live beside."

Treats for his children

Marcus has two children, and they are going to be given special treats. Keep it a secret though as they don’t know yet.  His youngest child will get that PlayStation 5 and his daughter (who he says is easily pleased) will be given some money to go shopping. He joked: “I mean, £50 in Primark buys you a lot.”
People's Postcode Lottery Street Prize Presenter Jeff Brazier said of the lucky Doncaster winners, "I'm over the moon for our six lucky winners in Doncaster, what an incredible way to end the week! I hope they treat themselves with the winnings and enjoy celebrating this weekend."
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