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Québec couple will buy better food thanks to $55 million Lotto Max win
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A couple from the eastern townships of Québec in Canada who won $55 million on the Lotto Max game have said they might spend more money on food now that they’re millionaires.Ann-Marie Francis, and her husband, Ian Warcup, won their $55 million jackpot in last week’s Lotto Max, and Ms Francis said it was on Saturday that she finally turned on her computer to check her lottery numbers, not quite believing the screen when it told her she’d become $55 million richer. “I still don’t believe it,” she told Lotto Max officials as they claimed their prize on Monday. A Texas lottery player who recently won $177 million on the Mega Millions said he still couldn’t believe his luck.After reading the Lotto Max winning numbers on the screen, the Waterville resident called in her husband from cleaning the pool. Apart from each other, however, they haven’t told anybody else about their big win, including their children and grandchildren. “They don’t know. They’re finding out now,” Ms Francis said, while her husband added, “It’s a surprise for everybody, you’re not expecting to win. You always want to win but you’re not expecting to win.” A couple from British Columbia, also in Canada, didn’t tell their children about their Lotto 649 win either!The Lotto Max winning couple talked about retiring, or at least reducing their hours at work, “I think I can retire, enjoy my children and life,” said Mr Warcup. When asked how they’ll spend their money, the couple said they weren’t quite sure, although they will look into either buying a new house or repairing and remodelling the one they currently live in. A recent Australian Powerball winner described his win as “life-changing”.“Right now, it’s really hard to say for sure,” Mr Warcup continued. “We’re not going to live the same way we did before. We might buy some better food, more expensive food.” A Connecticut lottery player was in the middle of making a Sunday dinner when her husband won $30,000 on a 30X Cash scratch card.But Ms Francis said she was sure their lives wouldn’t be changing too much, as she suggested hiring somebody else to clean the pool was not necessary, “I’ll keep my pool boy,” she said. A New York couple who won $10 million on a lottery scratch card said that they didn’t want to change too much about their lives.Purchase your lottery tickets online at and get a chance of changing your life.