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Retford school canteen to be served winner’s dinners after staff scoop lottery prize
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A syndicate group from Retford have won a top EuroMillions prize, and plan to treat their regular clientele by providing ‘winner’s dinners’ at school lunchtimes.The nine school catering staff work at Ranby House, the Worksop College preparatory school, and won £100,000 on the EuroMillions lottery after 12 years of dedicated ticket purchasing. Since the group began working together they have been playing the EuroMillions on a weekly basis, and have previously only won the odd small £10 prize.Now, however, their luck has changed and each member of the syndicate will take home around £11,000. The group bought their ticket from an Asda store in Retford and matched all of the five main numbers and one out of two lucky stars in order to claim the prize.The syndicate won their big prize in the Friday evening draw on April 11th, but didn’t claim their prize until two weeks later. Group leader Irene Grant, 71, checked the tickets on her way to work at a Wilkinson’s store and couldn’t believe her eyes and ears when she found out that she’d won. “When the lady at Wilkinson’s checked the ticket, lights started flashing and music began playing!” Irene said that instead of calling Camelot straight away, she drove to work to tell the rest of the group who were equally as shocked to hear the news.The group called the lottery helpline together and heard that their win was confirmed while working and Irene said that everybody was in a particularly good mood for the next few days of serving lunches. “Everybody was whistling together while we worked,” she said, affirming their delight at winning big.Irene’s syndicate, who called themselves the ‘Ranby Revellers’ after the name of the independent school where they work, have all vowed to stay in work despite their win. The nine ladies have decided to celebrate together by taking a trip to London, but don’t want to give up on work, or the lottery, just yet.Aside from their big trip they have yet to decide how to spend their individual windfalls, but most of the ladies have affirmed that they will be spending a fair bit of it on their children and grandchildren.Try your chance and purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at