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Round the World Trip finally ends for EuroMillions winner
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Since winning a £1m EuroMillions prize, life for Matt Myles, 27, has been one long holiday. Now he’s finally returned home to England eight months after setting off on his globe-trotting trip.The former night shift worker has spent £80,000 on a once-in-a-lifetime round the world adventure with friends and family. It just shows how much a £1m EuroMillions win can change your life. In April, Matt only had £135 to last him three weeks, but while waiting for a friend he decided to buy a EuroMillions ticket and the rest is history.It all started with a trip to Bali for which he had to borrow money from his father as his EuroMillions cheque had yet to come through. “I’ve had quite a year,” reveals Matt, who is single. After the holiday in Bali, Matt, his brother and a friend headed off to Thailand before going to Brazil to see England play in the World Cup.Probably needing a bit of a pick-up after that, the EuroMillions lottery winner and 12 friends went to Ibiza where they rented a sprawling villa complete with its own DJ. Ibiza highlights included a VIP box in famous club ‘Space’ and a VVIP day at the Ocean Club. “It was totally wild,” says Matt. “Just the best week of my life, ever. The lads loved it. They were so grateful, and didn’t stop telling me.”The lucky EuroMillions lottery winner then re-charged his batteries with a family holiday in Tuscany. Back on the road he spent the next month touring the USA with his brother. “New York is the best place I’ve ever been,” he says. “It really is the place that doesn’t sleep.” Other highlights on their USA tour included hiring a Dodge sports car and a road trip to New Orleans for Halloween.Matt had to cut his holidays short but for a very good reason: “I had to come home a month early to buy my first house,” he says. “I had to sign stuff and be a proper grown up!”So have his days of non-stop holidays come to an end? He laughed saying “I just haven’t worked out where and when yet.”If you want to follow Matt’s footsteps in becoming a winner, purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at