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Saskatchewan couple to pay off their mortgage after Lotto Max win
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A couple from Maple Creek in the Western Canadian province of Saskatchewan have won $1 million on the national Lotto Max game.Recently, a Lotto 649 player in Ontario won $64 million, the highest ever jackpot to have been won in Canada, but this Saskatchewan couple achieved their very own record last week. Connie and Kevin Mulatz told lottery officials in Regina, the capital city of the province, that they will be spending their winnings paying off their mortgage before making any other plans, as they collected their oversized cheque at the Hotel Saskatchewan.Introduced to the waiting press as winners of $1 million in the draw which took place on September 25th, the pair also shared their story in a news released, shared by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), after the couple claimed their Lotto Max prize, which was a lot sooner than when Dino Salciccioli claimed his $50 million Lotto Max prize.Mrs Mulatz told lottery officials that she went to her local pharmacy to check her lottery tickets while her husband was at work, unlike Gregory Nikilopoulos from Ontario who won his Lotto Max prize thanks to his love for nachos. “I had a little bag of ticket in my purse,” she said as she explained that she doesn’t check her tickets too often. “The clerk checked 8 or 10 with no prizes,” she continued, saying that she thought her luck was out after the first few tickets.“But then I won $2, and $10, and a free play. And then she said, ‘You won a million dollars!’” And after the shock, which was likely similar to that felt by Lisa-Marie Draganiuk who won $12.5 million on the same lottery earlier this year, Mrs Mulatz said that she called her husband to tell him the good news, but he thought that she was joking and pulling a prank on him. “He said, ‘That’s not funny.’”“I had to talk to the lottery corporation, so the pharmacist took my phone and told Kevin, ‘She’s not joking. She won a million.’”The outside help managed to persuade Mr Mulatz that they really were Lotto Max winners, and the couple says that the plan to use some of their winnings to pay off some bills and their mortgage, before putting some aside for their children’s education. After that, hopefully the couple will be able to enjoy themselves with whatever is left over.Don’t forget to purchase your lottery tickets online at; it’s quick and easy!