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Second Saturday Lotto Win for Retiree
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Second Saturday Lotto Win for Retiree

To win a Division One prize in Australia’s Saturday Lotto is the dream of every player. A man from Butler in Perth, Australia did just that in the July 17 draw winning $999,000  but it was his second Division One prize in the past 20 years.

The lucky Saturday Lotto winner has asked to remain anonymous. All we know is that he’s in his late 60s and is a very lucky lottery player.

A Weekend Away

Talking about his Saturday Lotto win, he recalled how he was at home couch surfing with his wife and visiting family. He’d recently sold his house and moved into a new one. Some renovations were taking place, but little did he know he could have delayed those for a while as he was soon to become a very wealthy man.

With the house renovations not yet completed, he and his wife decided to go to Geraldton. A lazy afternoon couch surfing while looking after their grandchildren was the order of the day. That wasn’t all he did though.

Every week he plays the Saturday Lotto, so while on his travels, he made sure he got a ticket for the next draw. He went to the Seacrest Newsagency in Wandina to buy his ticket, not knowing it would change his life.

How Much?

It wasn’t until he returned to Butler that he checked his Saturday Lotto ticket at his regular Newsagency. He was told that his ticket was a big winner but initially he thought his win was $333,000.

Explaining his error, the Saturday Lotto winner said: “The printout said there were three Division One winners, so I simply divided it by three. I didn’t realise I’d won $999,000 until I got to Lotterywest’s head office.”

Second Success

It’s his second Division One win playing the Saturday Lotto. Back in 2004, he was lucky enough to win $474,000. He now hopes to be able to travel overseas when possible. When he does it’ll be first class or as he calls it “up the pointy end of the plane.”

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