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Heart Attack Survivor Set for Life after Big Lottery Win
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Heart Attack Survivor Set for Life after Big Lottery Win

Jeff Hennig from Harrison in Michigan, USA, has had a tough year but his luck has changed. He died three times earlier this year after suffering a massive heart attack. Now he’s set for life after winning the top prize in the Lucky for Life lottery.[caption id="attachment_13328" align="aligncenter" width="600"]set for life winners Wendy and Jeff Heinig together after winning the Lucky for Life game. (Picture: Michigan Lottery)[/caption]

A Difficult Year so far

The 59-year-old’s ticket matched 03-04-08-16-27 but it’s a win that so nearly didn’t happen for two reasons. His wife, Wendy, commented that “We’re all so fortunate to still have him with us” after a heart attack nearly ended his life.The other reason is that he initially had thrown his winning ticket away. Jeff checked the results of the Lucky for Life draw on Thursday morning. He was disappointed when seeing that his ticket hadn’t matched any of the numbers so threw It away.

Worth a second look

After thinking about it, Mr Henning realised the draw he’d purchased tickets for didn’t take place until later on Thursday. On Friday morning he looked again at the results and recognized the numbers he’d been using on a regular basis.He finally realized his big mistake in checking the results before the draw took place. Rather than being a loser, his ticket was a jackpot winner. “I searched high and low for the ticket but couldn’t find it anywhere until I went rifling through the trash,” explained the shocked winner.His heart was pounding when finally, he found the Lucky for Life ticket. When he went to break the news to his wife, she initially thought something bad had happened. It was the exact opposite though! They have accepted their winnings as a one-off lump sum payment of $390,000. Plans for their winnings include holidays, paying bills and helping their family.

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