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Set For Life Winner Celebrates by Going Rock Climbing
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Set For Life Winner Celebrates by Going Rock Climbing

James Evans from South Derbyshire is celebrating after winning £10,000 a month for 30 years. His big win came in the December 28 Set For Life draw but what he did after learning of his win was a bit unorthodox.The 21-year-old works as a block paver for his father’s business. His Set For Life ticket was purchased the day before the draw, though it doesn’t seem it was that important to him. When he woke up the next morning, he’d completely forgotten buying his ticket.

Shock Discovery

Then he received an email from the National Lottery. He’d won £5 previously so wasn’t expecting a big win. He checked the National Lottery app and discovered he’d matched all the numbers and the Life Ball. Not certain of his win, he asked his mother, and she wasn’t sure either. Only after a phone call to Camelot was his win confirmed.

What would you do after making such a discovery? Well, this lucky winner wanted to clear his head, so he went rock climbing, one of his favourite hobbies. On his way he met a couple of friends but didn’t tell them of his Set For Life success.

Keeping Quiet

He didn’t even tell his friends while celebrating New Year’s Eve with them. “I was adamant I wasn't going to tell anyone as it still didn’t feel real - it was really difficult not to slip up!” Eventually he did tell them as the new year began.

Even though he has won this Set For Life prize, he doesn’t want to let it change his life. He plans on continuing to live at his parents’ home and continue working for his father.

Cold Dreams

Once the pandemic eases, he wants to travel, and one plan is to go on a skiing holiday to Canada with his family. He must love cold weather as a trip to Alaska is also on his wish list. While the pandemic continues, he just plans on staying at home “and have a think about what I want to do.”

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