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Shocking Phone Call Reveals $9.41m Lucky Lotteries Win
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Shocking Phone Call Reveals $9.41m Lucky Lotteries Win

Some phone calls can be vitally important, even life-changing. That’s what happened when a man from Coolangatta in Queensland answered the phone last week. It told him he’d won a $9.41 million jackpot in the May 20 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw.

The lucky player, who has asked to remain anonymous, was getting ready to go on a lunch break at work. He had no idea of his lottery success but suspected that good news might be on the way when he learnt who was calling him.

“Wait, hang on. Before you say anything, I need to get my wife, because I have a feeling you’re calling me about good news,” said the unknowing multi-millionaire. His language got a little bit ruder when told of his good fortune. “Oh my god! Holy sh**! “My god! I can’t believe this,” was his immediate reaction.

Heart Attack?

Then he began to worry about his health. After all, he had just received a bit of a shock.  The Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot winner says he “rarely gets excited about anything.” It’s not every day he gets such news though. On this occasion he was becoming “almost too excited.” He even felt is heart was about to beat out of his chest such was his excitement.

“Has anyone ever had a heart attack after receiving a call like this? I think I could! I think my wife could too!” said the stunned winner. He then told the lottery company that they were going to have a sit down for fear of ending up in hospital.

Plans Changed

He joked that the news had “completely changed” his plans for the day. Becoming a lottery millionaire tends to do that. The planned lunch was put on hold, a trip out for a slap-up meal was now on the agenda.

Inbetween courses, he’d be discussing with his wife how to spend their Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot windfall. Paying off bills, helping their family an going on holidays immediately sprang to mind. “But honestly, I have no idea,” said the shocked winner.

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