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Southern Ontario friends share $500,000 Lotto Max prize
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Five friends from the Kitchener region of southern Ontario in Canada have split a huge $500,000 Lotto Max prize after playing together for two years.Four of the winners are from Guelph, while the other from the city of Cambridge, but they started playing the Lotto Max together two years ago, and have been doing so ever since. Thi Cao, Cong Huynh, Maribel Maruquin, Danh Nguyen, and Chung Vu all won their prize in the February 10th Lotto Max draw and will split the prize equally.Just a few weeks ago we told you about a pair of colleagues from Guelph who won $1 million on the Lotto 649, and Chung Vu is the only member of the group who doesn’t live in Guelph, but it was him who purchased the winning ticket from an Esso gas station on Dundas Street in Cambridge. The syndicate leader told lottery officials that he took the ticket back to the same store to get it checked after the drawing took place earlier this month, and saw something that really surprised him. A group of colleagues from Québec received the shock of their lives when they won a jackpot prize on the Lotto Max a couple of years ago.“The words ‘Big Winner’ appeared on the screen and I was stunned,” Mr Chung told Lotto Max officials in a statement that was then released by the lottery. He also talked about how the group plan to use their new-found fortune, with some plans including travel, and sharing the money with their family. Another Lotto winner from nearby in Southern Ontario was Peter Dougherty who won $1 million on the Lotto 649 at the end of last year.“This money means a lot to me,” said Thi Cao, “I plan to share my prize with my husband and son. I will treat them to a nice dinner and plan a vacation to a warm destination.” Danh also had similar plans as he told Lotto Max officials that he hopes to treat his family to something special.Other members of the group plan to use their winnings to visit family further afield, creating a family reunion like the one that was sparked from a New Zealander’s Powerball win just before Christmas. Maribel said that she hopes to take her entire family on a trip to her native Philippines, just like a recent New York scratch card winner planned. Cong also wanted to take a trip back home to Vietnam for the first time in three years, while Chung will save for his daughter’s education and take his family to Vietnam.For your chance to win with your favourite international lottery, play now at!