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Special Numbers Win $1m Mega Millions Prize
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Special Numbers Win $1m Mega Millions Prize

Special numbers can win big lottery prizes. Just ask Carlos Cortes from Mecklenburg County in the American state of North Carolina. He’s celebrating a $1 million Mega Millions win in the draw held on February 12.

Carlos didn’t take a while to look at which numbers had been coming up regularly or not for ages. He didn’t opt to let the ticket machine select his numbers. Instead, he chose numbers that represent “significant birth dates” and it paid off with this Mega Millions win.

A few looks needed

Of course, discovering a big lottery win is a bit of a shock. It takes a fair bit of believing too. That was the case with this Mega Millions win as Mr Cortes explains. “I had to look at it a few times,” he said.

“I realized it was the five numbers and I probably would have hit the ceiling if the last number hit. It’s a lot more than what I had so that’s the most important thing.”

Cortes has been playing the same numbers for awhile. Finally, they paid off and won him his great prize. The winning numbers in the February 12 Mega Millions draw were: 05-14-24-25-27 and the Mega Ball 14.

Just one number away

Those numbers were perfect for someone using birthdates as their numbers. That was reflected by the fact that five tickets were lucky enough to match the five main balls. Other winning tickets were sold in California, Texas, Ohio and Virginia.

If Carlos had been able to match the Mega Ball, he’d have won the $86 million jackpot. Perhaps it’s a shame he doesn’t know two people born on the 14th.

The lucky winner has opted to receive his winnings as a one-off payment of $707,511 once taxes have been paid. He hasn’t revealed what plans he has for his Mega Millions win.

Friday’s Mega Millions draw has a jackpot of $105 million. Tuesday’s draw ended in a rollover with no players able to match the numbers.

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