Steam Train Lover Back on Track after £1m Scratchcard Win

Steam Train Lover Back on Track after £1m Scratchcard Win

Steam Train Lover Back on Track after £1m Scratchcard Win

Steam train lover Neil Leighton is celebrating a £1 million National Lottery scratchcard win. The Hereford resident now plans to use some of his winnings on his favourite hobby.

Magic can happen

“If someone had told me two weeks ago, I would be in a position to own a steam train I'd have laughed,” said the scratchcard winner. It just shows that “magic can happen,” he added.
Recently,  a lottery winner said he felt he was in a dream  after his win.

Not surprisingly he celebrated his win at the Talyllyn Railway and explained when his love of trains began. Initially a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, 21 years ago his grandfather took him to see a real-life steam engine. “I never grew out of it,” he said.

The scratchcard winner even spends time writing and filming his own version of the famous children’s stories that he shares online.

Now he plans to buy his own home and have a room totally dedicated to trains. Another will be used for the filming and editing of his programmes. He has more ambitious plans for the future: 
“And maybe one day, if I'm wise with this win, I'll swap the train room for my very own steam engine,” said the railway enthusiast.

He then recalled how the discovery of his scratchcard win came about. The 24-year-old was online chatting to fellow Thomas the Tank Engine fans but was also “aimlessly playing the Cash Bolt Christmas Millionaire game on my phone.” When all the spins were over, the incredible message “Congratulations You’ve Won £1m’ came up.

Only when his win was confirmed did he tell his parents his great news. That led to a lot of screaming and some colourful language from his shocked mother.

Once in a lifetime

Other plans for his winnings include treating his family at Christmas and a holiday with his friends next year. A trip to Canada and other ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences are also going to become reality. Driving lessons followed by buying a car are also on his wish list but he won’t be giving up work.

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