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Student is buzzing after winning $1 million Powerball prize
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A man from Prince George’s County in Maryland, USA, has revealed that he’s been buzzing ever since finding out that he won $1 million on the Powerball lottery at the end of last month.The lucky winner, from the town of Bowie, said that despite appearing calm as he collected his $1 million Powerball cheque at Maryland Lottery headquarters, on the inside he’s been unable to sleep a week he’s so excited. The lucky winner told lottery officials that he only plays the Powerball lottery every now and then, but that didn’t stop him from claiming a huge $1 million prize on the September 29th drawing. A Maryland lottery scratch off winner bought his ticket while driving home to Pennsylvania through Prince George’s County.Just like a man from Ontario in Canada who won $1 million on the Lotto Max when he stopped to fuel up his car, the Maryland man was fulfilling an errand when he bought his ticket: “I was gassing up my car and just decided to get a Mega Millions and Powerball ticket,” the lottery winner, a 29-year-old student, said. “Every now and then, it occurs to me. Sometimes I think about it, others I don’t.” A Lotto Max winner from Québec confessed to being an occasional lottery player after winning $10 million on the Canadian lottery.On this particular occasion, his thinking about the lottery paid off as the ticket he purchased from Bowie Exton gas station won him the Powerball prize just three days later. “I checked the numbers on the screen again and the numbers on the ticket again,” the lottery winner said, explaining that he had to check his ticket several times before he could quite believe that he’d won big.“I kept checking and checking, even hours later, and the numbers still matched.” The lucky student said that he’s barely slept a wink since he found out about his big win, “I’m going a million miles an hour on the inside, have been since Sunday afternoon,” he said. “I could barely close my eyes last night, I’ve just been thinking and thinking and planning and planning.” Another Maryland lottery player said that he didn’t sleep at all after winning $15,000 on the Mega Millions, while an Australian Powerball winner had difficulty nodding off when he won $50 million.Despite his racing mind, the Powerball winner said that he doesn’t have any immediate plans for his winnings, but that he wants to use some of it to travel.Pick up your lottery tickets today at