Superdraw Rollover Means €144 million (£123 million) jackpot Tomorrow

Superdraw Rollover Means €144 million (£123 million) jackpot Tomorrow

Superdraw Rollover Means €144 million (£123 million) jackpot Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s EuroMillions draw will have a massive €144 million (£123 million) jackpot after no one won the Superdraw held last Friday.

The numbers drawn were: 15-16-26-30-37 and the two Lucky Stars 05 and 08. There were nine tickets that were able to match the five main numbers but only one Lucky Star.

If the jackpot keeps rolling over, we could reach the cap of €250 million. If that is the case, we’d have a new record win in the EuroMIllions draw.

Police officers Graeme and Katherine White from Cambridgeshire, England  know what it’s like to win a big EuroMillions prize. They won £1 million in April and then celebrated with a coffee in Caffè Nero rather than their usual Greggs.  Charlotte and Daniel Peart from Cambridgeshire  also won a £1 million EuroMillions prize.

Shouting and crying

The couple found out they’d won £1 million while out shopping.  Catherine began shouting and then crying. Her husband joked: “I don’t know what the other shoppers must have made of us!”

They are regular players but previous wins have usually only been “a couple of quid.” Mr White believed that’d be the case again and would pay for a lunchtime meal when at work the next day. Then he opened his email and saw it was £1 million plus another £3.30 win.

The good life

They both plan to carry on working but will reduce their hours. That will allow the couple to enjoy the “good life.”

Graeme, 35 said that their EuroMillions war “changes everything for us.” He added that it gives them “breathing space both physically and financially.”

Plans for their winnings include fulfilling their long-term dream of buying a new home in a rural area. That will give their children somewhere to play and they can keep chickens and goats. Mr White commented: “Our 20 year plan has now become our 12 month plan.”

Other spending plans include taking their children to Disneyland. One purchase has already been made, a Labrador puppy. What will they call it?  Lottie and Millie are among the favourites.

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