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SuperEnalotto and Powerball rollover again for big jackpots
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SuperEnalotto and Powerball rollover again for big jackpots

The two biggest lotteries in the world had no jackpot winners over the weekend. SuperEnalotto and Powerball rollover again to make sure there are huge amounts to win this week.

When will SuperEnalotto find a winner?

It has now been over a year since the SuperEnalotto has had a winner. In Saturday’s drawing the numbers were 6-22-33-45-60-81 and Jolly was 68.With no winners, the jackpot on Tuesday is now €179.6m. This makes it the biggest jackpot in SuperEnalotto history. The previous largest jackpot was €177.7m in 2010.Make sure to get your tickets with Lottery24 and be the biggest winner ever.

Be a Powerball player

Alongside the SuperEnalotto, the Powerball is also returning to fantastical amounts. The jackpot for Saturday’s draw stood at $136.4m but there were also no winners. The numbers drawn were 13-17-24-59-62 and the Powerball 8.This Wednesday’s draw will now have a $150 million jackpot. Purchase your lucky entry with us here at Lottery24.Alongside the Powerball in the USA is the Mega Millions lottery. After being won a few weeks ago, the jackpot only stands at $71 million. On Saturday the numbers drawn were 2-35-49-53-63 and Mega Ball 1.Tuesday night’s drawing is worth $83 million and you can get your entry with Lottery24.

Lottery Winners in Europe

The Euro Jackpot has been won yet again, just two weeks since the last big win. This time the lucky winner will take home €18.9m. They matched the winning numbers 18-25-26-35-38 and Euro Numbers 5 and 6.On Friday, EuroMillions, the other trans-national European lottery took place. The jackpot was worth £50m but no one matched the numbers 1-3-16-33-49 and Lucky Stars 2 and 11.Tuesday’s drawing will now have £59m up for grabs. Purchase your winning ticket with Lottery24.

Even more Lotteries available to play

There are even more lotteries to play at Lottery24. Check out the full list of available jackpots and be a winner today.

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