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SuperEnalotto Top Prize up to €92m Tonight
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SuperEnalotto Top Prize up to €92m Tonight

Rollovers dominated the midweek lottery draws meaning there will be an even larger SuperEnalotto top prize this evening.The latest rollover sees the SuperEnalotto jackpot continue to edge towards €100m. On Tuesday the top prize was €90.8m but tickets failed to match 08-43-51-56-57-87 and the Jolly 25. Tonight’s jackpot is €92m.

American Jackpots Rollover

Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw had a $55m jackpot but ended in a rollover. The numbers no tickets could match were 29-52-58-60-62 and the Mega Ball 07. Two tickets sold in California and Idaho won the second-tier prize of $1m.The jackpot in Wednesday’s Powerball draw was $112m but no tickets could match 14-29-31-56-61 and the Powerball 01. A ticket-holder in Texas did have lots of reasons to celebrate after winning $1m by matching all five main numbers.

Lucky Ticket Holder Wins £1m UK Lotto Prize

While we wait for the EuroMillions Superdraw on February 1, players were trying to win a £42.1m EuroMillions jackpot in Tuesday’s draw. The numbers drawn were 22-25-29-33-35 and the two Lucky Stars 03 and 06 (the fourth time in the last five draws 06 has been a Lucky Star). There were four second-tier winners, each receiving €214,767.82.There was a £5.1m UK Lotto top prize up for grabs in Wednesday’s draw but ended in a rollover. The elusive numbers were 01-12-44-48-54-55 and the Bonus Ball 08. One ticket did win a £1m runners-up prize.

Some European Success

Monday’s Bonoloto draw produced two second-tier winners, each receiving €109,075.06. On Wednesday, two tickets won the runners-up prize of €515,775.10 in the Lotto 6 aus 49 draw. The same evening one ticket landed the Spiel 77 jackpot of €377,777. There was more success with a single ticket winning the €100,000 top prize in the Super 6 draw.

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