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SuperEnalotto’s biggest syndicate win
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The SuperEnaLotto is an Italian lottery that has become a world-renowned lottery. The single biggest reason for this lays in the fact the SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot can continue to roll-over and over without caps or rollbacks on the jackpot prize. This means some people can win big – and in Italy, many people like to play the SuperEnalotto in syndicates.In a sleepy Italian town, called Palazzolo dello Stella, within the Province of Udine, forty people were part of Italy’s biggest syndicate SuperEnalotto jackpot win. The syndicate was part of the town’s social club. The syndicate was managed by a local newspaper vendor called Rocco Cogol. He and thirty-nine other men and women ranging in age from 22 to 64 would each receive 1,256 million Euros (after tax).Some of the lucky winners were unemployed, including an unnamed 27 year-old single mother of two, and the winnings meant they could literally turn their lives around. The single mum purchased a €300,000 villa in the province. One other lucky winner was reportedly seen with a Ferrari F430, a €400,000 luxury sports car.This is a good story – the social club has been helping several of the lucky winners who where recently made redundant when Olivetti, an Italian electronics firm, relocated their regional factory. The relocation hit families hard and the slump in Italy’s fortunes has resulted in many of the syndicate being down on their luck. That said, the lucky SuperEnalotto jackpot winners have each donated 5% of their winnings into a local fund to help other unfortunate families.So, why not try Italy’s millionaire-making lotto? The SuperEnalotto draws are broadcast live on television and the results are available online. All that stands between you and success are the winning numbers – so why not try a syndicate? Purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at