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Tattoo will Always Remind Tammy of $13 million Lotto Max Win
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Tattoo will Always Remind Tammy of $13 million Lotto Max Win

Becoming a lottery millionaire is something you will never forget. Tammy Manning from McBride in British Colombia, Canada certainly won’t. She won a $13 million Lotto Max jackpot and has had the draw date inked on her skin.

The date March 19, 2021 will always be there now to remind her of that momentous day. The Lotto Max winner hasn’t had far to go to get her tattoo. The tattooist in charge of the job is her own son.

No Way Mom

It was while her son was working on a tattoo that she broke the news of her $13 million Lotto Max win. Of course, he didn’t initially believe her saying, “there’s no way Mom – no you didn’t’ but she had!

The lucky winner always purchases her Lotto Max tickets from the Husky/Esso gas station on N.E. Frontage Road in McBride. One of those bought managed to match 02-07-08-26-30-43-48 and the Bonus Number 25.

Tammy took her ticket back to the gas station to be checked. ”Suddenly the amount appeared across the screen,” she recalled. “All I said was ‘No!’ I just didn’t believe it and kept saying ‘No!’ to myself.”

To confirm her amazing win, she asked the retailer, Amber Bhaskar, to check it on his machine. It really was the sole winner of the $13 million Lotto Max jackpot. Mr Bhaskar is “really happy” to see a local person win. He was a bit worried though that she might fall down after having her win confirmed.

Sunshine on its way

The Lotto Max winner wants to pay off her house now that she can afford to. There could be plenty of sunshine in her life soon. Buying a house in the Caribbean is on her spending list, as well as a sailing boat.

It’s not all going to be spent on luxury items. Also planned is sharing her winnings the Lotto Max winnings with her family. “It feels so good that I'm able to help and do something good with it. This will change my life, and it means I can retire and can help those close to me."

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