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Ten Amazingly Expensive Homes a Lottery Winner can Buy
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Ten Amazingly Expensive Homes a Lottery Winner can Buy

When a lottery jackpot comes along everything in your life can change. One purchase immediately considered is buying a new home. Not any home but a luxurious one that you have always dreamed of owning. Let’s look at the ten most expensive homes in the world that you could buy.

The ONE, Bel Air, California - $500m

You’ll need to buy a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket from Lottery24 to afford this one. Land the jackpot and you can buy this amazing house. Just the 20 bedrooms at this 100,000 square-feet property, so you can invite all your friends around. There’s 30 bathrooms, five swimming pools and even a nightclub.

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace, France - $390 Million

A move to France could be on the cards after your lottery win. Imagine waking up and staring out at the Mediterranean? It has everything you’ve ever dreamed of and a lot more besides. There’s several swimming pools and a 500-seat amphitheatre, with 13,000 square feet to enjoy.

Casa Encantada, Bel Air, California– $225 Million

Just imagine being able to afford a property like this. Buy a ticket today from Lottery24 and you might be able to soon. 60 rooms are available at this luxury home that is situated over eight and a half acres. You’ll have no internet problems as it has ocean-floor fibre optic cables fitted.

Villa Firenze, Beverly Park, California – $165 Million

A new life in California could be just a lottery ticket purchase away. The 20,000-square-foot main house is luxury personified. You can invite lots of friends around because you have a 5,000-square-foot guest house. They’ll have plenty to keep them occupied as they relax in the swimming pool or play on the tennis court.

90 Jule Pond Drive, Southampton, New York – $145 Million

A life by the oceanfront is a dream for many who try to win a big jackpot. However, this amazing house was luxurious even before it was renovated 12 years ago. Just think what it’d be like to have a house that has a 48-foot-long living room.

Renovated in 2008, that boasts a 48-foot-long living room and 12 bedrooms. In the expansive grounds, there’s a tennis court, pool, and pool house and two golf greens. The current owner is portfolio manager Brenda Earl, a former partner at equity fund Zweig-Dimenna. She bought the estate in 2002.

Gemini, Manalapan, Florida - $137.5 Million

This is actually dropping in price but looks an absolute bargain at $137.5 million. It’s another property that is right by the sea, just down the road from Palm Beach. Spend some time there in one of the beachside cottages and then return home for a relaxing evening in this massive house that has 12 bedrooms.

Petra Ecclestone’s London Mansion - $130 million

How about living in a mansion in the English capital? 14 bedrooms and ideal if you also happen to be a fan of swimming, then this is going to be right up your street, well pool. That’s because this mansion includes one of the largest private basement swimming pools that can be seen in London.

Villa l’Echaugette, Monaco - $125 million

One day you’re living in a rented house, the next you can move into a luxury home in Monaco. That’s what a lottery win can achieve, so buy a ticket from this site today. The view here is amazing as the house is on top of a cliff overlooking the famous Monaco harbour. Just think what it’ll be like during Monaco Grand Prix weekend! The property even has its own wine cellar and a 72-foot-long pool.

Palazzate, St. Peter, Barbados - $125 million

Just living in Barbados sounds great doesn’t it? Once you become a multi-millionaire thanks to winning a lottery jackpot, you can head to the Caribbean and live in this 75,000-square-foot beachfront mansion. Fish lovers can spend hours staring at the 30,000-gallon aquarium or just relax in the fitness centre.

Green Gables, Woodside, California – $120 Million

Last but most definitely not least is this 74-acre property in Silicon Valley, 30 miles away from San Francisco. It’s on the market and is an English-style mansion with the most gorgeous gardens imaginable and a Roman pool.

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