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The Lucky 10 really are as they win $3.2m Mega Millions prize
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A 10-strong syndicate from California, USA, called ‘The Lucky 10’ have lived up to their name after winning $3.2m In the March 23 Mega Millions draw. It’s a lot more than the $3,000 they initially thought they’d won but there’s a good reason for that error.The syndicate managed to match the five main numbers in the Mega Millions draw. Their ticket managed to get 04-08-23-53-59 but missed out on the Mega Ball 17 that would have won them the $421m jackpot. There have been some big wins in California with Leopoldo Choi winning a $30 million Mega Millions jackpot.In Scotland, there was a syndicate called ‘The Lucky 13’ and they were celebrating after winning a £224,225 EuroMillions prize.With this American syndicate, their Mega Millions tickets are purchased by Debra Allen and she had gone to Bradshaw’s Shell in Sacramento, to get the latest ones.She also checks their Mega Millions tickets but on this occasion wasn’t wearing her reading glasses and though they had won $3,000. English woman Rachel Bingham won £1m in a EuroMillions draw but needed help signing her ticket as she hadn’t got her glasses with her.It’s a regular occurrence that a lottery winner underestimates the size of their windfall. In England, Ruth and Peter Doyle won £1m playing EuroMillions but at first though their win was only £25. American Dale Smith scooped $25,000 a year for life in the Lucky for Life lottery game but initially thought he’d only be receiving $5,000.Debra quickly phoned her daughter Danielle, who is also one of ‘The Lucky 10’ and told her of their win. Later that evening, she stopped off at a gas station to confirm their win and by now she had her reading glasses on and discovered their Mega Millions win was actually $3,238,814.The delighted players that make up ‘The Lucky 10’ Mega Millions syndicate are Debra Allen, Encie Lee, Telia Ford, Diana Origel, Brian Rose, Nicole McCarthy, Sara Gordon, Danielle Allen, Juan Arellano and Jeffrey Montrose and recently collected they collected their prize at the California Lottery’s Sacramento District Office. The Mega Millions winners have respectfully declined to speak with the media or take a winner photo.The Bradshaw Shell store will receive a retailer bonus worth $16,000 just for selling the winning ticket.The next Mega Millions draw takes place on Tuesday May 22 with a jackpot of $60m... play online with us at