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Third £1m EuroMillions win at the Mallard pub
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The Mallard pub in Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, England has seen its third big lottery win and this time it’s the landlord Ian Brooke who’s won £1,064,820 in the July 28 EuroMillions draw. The lucky winner has said he’ll share some of his win with two regulars at his pub.It took Ian 11 days to find out he’d won £1,064,820 in the July 28 draw after taking a handful of tickets to be checked at the Asda store opposite his pub. Just like £1m EuroMillions winner Amanda Lewis from Staffordshire, England, he hadn’t checked the raffle numbers. William Acosta from Connecticut, USA, read his ticket wrong at first before realizing he’d won $1m playing Powerball.The cashier couldn’t pay out his win but Brooke still believed his win was “£1,000 or something". Then he went home to watch football but when finally discovering how much he’d really won, he started leaping all over the house. He also won a luxury holiday in Florida but has taken the £64,820 cash alternative instead.The big winner may be a pub landlord but he’s also teetotal and celebrated his win with squash rather than champagne. He’s now honouring a “gentleman’s agreement” by giving his friends Andrew Enefer and Rashad Own £125,000 each. Andrew intends paying off his mortgage and buying a new car, while Rashad wants to invest his share. Eric Hale from Oregon, USA, kept a childhood promise and shared his $1m Powerball win with his brother.The previous lottery successes at the pub came from David and Kathleen Long who have won not one but two £1m EuroMillions wins in 2013 and 2015. Ian contacted them soon after he found out he’d won a million pounds. With the Mallard pub being so lucky, it’s no surprise that Ian wants to carry on playing and with luck win twice more to go ahead of the Longs.The EuroMillions winner says he now wants to have some time off but won’t be quitting his job as pulling pints is all he’s ever done. His son has been quick to remind his father that he promised to pay for his driving lessons and a new car.Other plans for his EuroMillions win include buying a small apartment in Benidorm. He also wants to buy a new kit for his local football team Appleby and Frodingham FC. £4.8m EuroMillions winners invested £50,000 in Grimsby FC.Feeling lucky? Purchase your lottery tickets online at