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Truck driver quits his job three hours after winning $1 million on Canada’s Lotto 649
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This Atlantic Canada Lotto 649 winner couldn’t wait to retire after finding out that he had won $1 million, so much so that he didn’t wait at all!In fact, Bruce Osmond of Nova Scotia on the Eastern coast of Canada had quit his job as a truck driver and sold his rig within three hours of finding out that he’d won one of the top Lotto 649 prizes last weekend. Just two weeks since a mystery lottery player won $64 million on the same lottery, Mr Osmond claimed his prize in Halifax: “It was Sunday morning around 10:30,” said Mr Osmond as he described the moment he realised that he had won, “I was at my friend’s place and she said, ‘someone in Lower Sackville won a million dollars, where did you buy your ticket?’”Mr Osmond replied that he had in fact purchased his Lotto 649 ticket in Lower Sackville, before his friend started reading off the winning numbers to him. “She was shaking before she had all the numbers because she could see, looking across the table that I had all the right combination of numbers,” said the lottery winner, who was stunned to have won, just like Rod Holinaty of Saskatchewan, who won $14.2 million in August.Within five minutes, the pair had checked and double checked the Lotto 649 ticket more than a dozen times, and Mr Osmond said that he felt absolutely incredible. “The feeling that went over me – I never experienced a feeling like that before in my life. It was awesome,” he explained, as he followed quickly in the footsteps of another Nova Scotia Lotto winner who took home $1 million last month.So later that afternoon, Mr Osmond called his boss to tell him that he wouldn’t be at work on Monday morning. “He said, ‘Are you OK? Are you sick or anything?’ and I said ‘No, no, no. I just won a million dollars.’ He said, ‘are you serious?’ and was ecstatic.” The Lotto 649 winner added that his boss couldn’t have been happier for him and that there are no hard feelings.After winning the guaranteed $1 million prize, Mr Osmond said that he is looking forward to an easy retirement, just like another couple of Lotto 649 winners who won $6.8 million earlier this year. He told lottery officials in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that the best part of his Sunday, after becoming a millionaire, was turning off his alarm to get up for work the next day.If you think you could follow Mr Osmond footsteps in becoming a lottery winner, why not give it a go with us on