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Two friends Win on the Oz Lotto
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Two friends Win on the Oz Lotto

The April 21 Oz Lotto has been won by 2 friends from Canberra. The one-time work colleagues have been buying lottery tickets together for around 20 years, and there was a twist of good fortune about their lucky lottery ticket as she recalls.

Win of over $2.2m

Speaking about their win of over $2.2m one of the ticket holders explained to an Oz Lotto representative who told her about the win:“Oh my god! Can you please say all that again?” she cried with happiness.“Hang on, hang on!“I can’t believe this. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.“I’m in it with a friend! We take turns buying Oz Lotto tickets every week.“It wasn’t even my turn this week, I mistakenly bought the ticket thinking it was my week. I’m so glad I did!“I cannot wait to tell her, she will fall over! We used to work together and we’ve been buying lottery tickets together for about 20 years.“Oh god. We’ve waited so long for a win like this!”

Special Christmas tradition

The lucky pair have gathered their lottery winnings every year to have a festive treat at Christmas. The winner went on to explain that this year would be extra special. She also spoke about how this would change their retirement plans, allowing them to enjoy themselves, after getting over the shock of course!“For the past 20 years we always save up our winnings throughout the year for a beautiful Christmas lunch and then spoil ourselves with a shopping spree,” she explained.“But this Christmas is going to be a little different!“The rest though, I have no idea. You dream of this day happening and now it has, I really have no idea how I will enjoy my prize.“We will both use it to really enjoy our retirement and I am sure we will be sharing it with our families!“It’s unbelievable. I will call her right now and tell her!”The jackpot winning ticket was purchased from the Waramanga Newsagency who were delighted for the winners.