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UK’s luckiest lottery players’ most recent donation is held up in legal battle
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The UK’s biggest ever lottery winners have been extremely generous with their winnings ever since they cashed in, but their most recent donation has been frozen due to legal problems.Colin and Christine Weir, who most recently hit the headlines thanks to their £3 millions donation to the Scottish Independence Campaign, have famously donated large amounts of money to their local community as well as set up a charitable foundation aimed at helping needy people and charitable projects in Scotland. Their most recent donation, however, has unfortunately hit the headlines for another reason.The couple, who won £161 million on the EuroMillions lottery in 2012, gifted £70,000 to their local golf club. The five figure sum was donated the Routenburn Golf Club in December 2012 in order to secure the long term future of the clubhouse, which had been leased from the North Ayrshire Council.The golf club was famously cash-strapped and the lottery winning couple wanted to allow it the funds it needed to buy the property, in order to ensure that the community hub would be able to reach their centenary celebrations in 2013. Unfortunately, 18 months later, the sale of the golf club has still not been completed because the land does not have any title deeds.The North Ayrshire Council approved the sale six months after it was proposed, but unfortunately during the sale proceedings it was discovered that some legal documents were not available. The golf club itself has had to apply to the Court of Session in Edinburgh to have the deeds granted.Unfortunately, the Routenburn Golf Club will have to continue to pay the local council to lease the building until the purchase is completed. As the property has previously been listed as a Common Good asset, it has never needed title deeds in the past, and must have approval from the court.The golf club told the press that the wait has been extremely frustrating, adding that the donation from the lottery winners has been sitting untouched in a bank account for over 18 months. The Weirs aim was to use their lottery win in order to save the club from being sold to developers, but instead they have ended up in a legal battle.