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Waitress to sue after friend runs off with $300,000 Fortune scratch card winnings
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A waitress from Arkansas, USA, is claiming that her co-worker at a burger restaurant ran off with $300,000 Fortune scratch card winnings that she claims were due to be shared between them, after being given to them as a present by their boss.Leslie Underwood has filed a lawsuit at the Circuit Court of Pulaksi County and asked for the $300,000 Fortune scratch card winnings to be frozen. Underwood and Mandy Vanhouten, both work as waitresses for the Sportsman Drive-In in Arkansas and were given the winning scratch card by their boss, who is named Lucky, who told them any winnings would be shared as a Christmas bonus.When one turned out to be a $300,000 Fortune scratch card winner, they talked about how the amount would change their lives and what their plans were for the windfall. “She even talked about giving back since it was such a blessing,” added Leslie, who is a mother of five.It’s not the first big win discovered in a burger restaurant. Julie Leach from Michigan, USA, was enjoying a cheeseburger when finding out she’d won a $310.5m Powerball prize.There have been many other occasions when players have shared big lottery wins. In Canada, Darren Doyle shared a $1m Lotto Max win with his daughter Carlee. In the USA, Eric Hale, from Bend, Oregon, kept a promise to share a big win with his younger brother, Quinn, when winning $1m playing Powerball.The two friends planned to claim their $300,000 Fortune scratch card winnings by New Year’s Day but then Vanhouten allegedly ran off with the winning scratch card. Her alleged actions are even more hurtful as Underwood told how she helped her colleague getting the job at the burger restaurant and let her stay with her. Underwood said, “I think that what hurt me the most is as much as I’ve done, she could have done right for once.”Last year we told you about the dispute between Canadians Maurice Thibeault and Denice Robertson over a $6.1m Lotto 6/49 jackpot win. In the States, Michael Hess sued Jeff Falang after a $1m win in the Montana Millionaire game.On Wednesday, December 27, Vanhouten claimed the $300,000 scratch card winnings and said she plans to use the windfall “to make her life easier.” She hasn’t been back to work since, but it remains to be seen whether she’ll be able to keep all of her winnings.