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Wales’ latest millionaire defied all superstition to win the lottery on the unluckiest day of the year
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The number 13 may be unlucky for those that are superstitious, and any Friday that also falls on the 13th of the month even more so, but not for Nigel Willetts, the latest EuroMillions millionaire in Wales.Mr Willetts defied all superstition by purchasing his EuroMillions ticket on Friday 13th, for the draw which took place on the same day. He also managed to beat odds of 13 million to one as his ticket matched all of the raffle numbers in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle portion of the game.Mr Willetts, 48, said that he knew exactly what the date was and knew that according to superstition it should be unlucky, but he splashed out £20 on lottery tickets anyway. The pub landlord from Bedwas near Caerphilly proved that he was right to take his chances with the unlucky date, as he became the only UK Raffle winner of that evening.To celebrate, Mr Willetts admits that he had an all-night lock-in with regulars at his pub the Bridgend Inn and he also said that Friday 13th will always be known as a lucky date in his eyes from now on. “I’m not normally very superstitious,” he told lottery officials as he collected his oversized cheque for £1 million, “but when you realise it’s Friday the 13th it is on your mind.”Mr Willetts said that there is no chance he will be giving up his day job, as his customers mean the world to him. “I know some lottery winners dream about buying a country pub, but I’ve already got one. I will be hanging onto it as I love it here.”The latest UK millionaire said that he didn’t even check his ticket until a full 24 hours after the draw had taken place, and taking a break from the pub in the evening he was gobsmacked to see that his raffle numbers matched those in the draw. To double check, Mr Willetts said that he ran to the local Tesco store where he had bought the ticket and, shaking, asked for it to be checked.After receiving the confirmation he was looking for, Mr Willets was delighted to go back to his pub and announce his fortune to his regulars. Despite a license that stipulates the pub can only sell alcohol until 1pm, Mr Willetts allowed his regular customers to stay in the pub drinking until 6am on Sunday morning, and ensured that all of the drinks were on the house.To give yourself a chance of also becoming a winner, purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at