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Welsh lottery winner thought his £1 million EuroMillions ticket was a prank
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A lottery winner from South Wales who scored £1 million on the EuroMillions couldn’t believe that he’d really won – and thought his brother had planted a fake ticket in his house.South Wales has been reported as a lucky lottery winning area before, and now Wayne Rowles, 45, from Port Talbot, South Wales, simply could not believe his £1 million EuroMillions ticket was a winner and immediately thought his younger brother Terence, who is known as the family prankster, was playing a trick on him, just like when Angela McEachran from Iowa suspected a practical joke when she won $50,000 on a lottery scratcher. He refused to believe that the £1 million ticket was genuine, until his brother insisted that it had nothing to do with him.“I was convinced that my younger brother, who regularly plays practical jokes on me, had somehow found a way to trick me,” Wayne told lottery officials as he collected the cheque for his £1 million EuroMillions prize. “Terence loves practical jokes. This is just the sort of thing that he would find very funny.” The story is similar to that of Murray Bowring from Peterborough who thought someone was making fun of him when he won £80,000 on a National Lottery scratch card.It wasn’t until he saw Terence’s reaction and was promised that there was no joke, that he realised he might actually have won £1 million. “It was only then that I believed this was really happening,” he said, continuing to tell lottery officials that he shut the ticket in a drawer and tried not to think about it, although he did struggle to sleep until he claimed the prize.Just like another recent EuroMillions winner from Ireland, Mr Rowles, who works as a full-time carer for his elderly father and other relatives, said that the EuroMillions win will help to secure his income and enable him to stop worrying about money. He also hopes to treat himself to a new car and spend some of the money on his family, including practical joker Terence.Try your luck at the lottery game and play online at