Will You Win Tonight’s $975m Powerball Jackpot?

Will You Win Tonight’s $975m Powerball Jackpot?

Will You Win Tonight’s $975m Powerball Jackpot?

What a way to begin April!  Tonight’s Powerball draw has a massive $975 million jackpot with a cash value of $471.7 million. Could it be a ticket purchased from Lottery24 that wins this fantastic prize.

Another rollover

Saturday’s draw had a jackpot of $951 million. Now winning that would have been the perfect way to end the month of March. However, it was not to be with no ticket able to match: 12-13-33-50-52 and the all-important Powerball 23.

The absence of any single digit numbers or any in the 20s and 40s made it a difficult selection to match. There were some near-misses though in Saturday’s Powerball draw. Four tickets were able to match the five main numbers to win the $1 million second-tier prize. How different it would have been if they’d been able to match the Powerball.

Saturday’s rollover meant there’s now been 37 consecutive Powerball draws without a winner. The record is 41 draws without a win. That’s happened twice previously in 2021 and 2022.

There’s only been one jackpot won this year and that was on the very first day of 2024.  A ticket sold in Michigan landed an $842.4 million Powerball jackpot.

An exciting week therefore lies ahead of us. If tonight’s Powerball draw does end in another rollover, the jackpot on Wednesday will reach $1 billion. That’d be the second American lottery draw with over $1 billion on the line in just over a week. Last week a ticket sold in New Jersey, USA   won a $1.13 billion Mega Millions jackpot.

Jackpot claimed

Meanwhile the winner of a $1.08 billion Powerball jackpot from July 2023 has been named. The extremely lucky winner was Yanira Alvarez from Los Angeles in California, USA. Her jackpot win came after a run of 39 draws without the top prize being won.

Alvarez chose to accept her winnings as a one-off lump sum payment of $558.1m before federal taxes.  While many winners remain anonymous, California law states that jackpot winners and their location have to be released.

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