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Young couple plan their dream wedding after scooping top prize on the EuroMillions lottery
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A young couple from Essex won a huge prize on the EuroMillions last week, and they are planning to spend their fortune on planning their dream wedding.Billy Baldrey and his girlfriend Sarah already have two children together; two boys aged two and seven months, and the couple have been planning to get married for some time. Now that they have struck gold by winning more than £240,000 on the EuroMillions lottery, they plan to spare no expense as they plan their big day.Mr Baldrey matched the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday, October 21st, and played his numbers online after being persuaded by the huge £120 million jackpot that was on offer. The following day he received an email from the National Lottery saying that he had won a prize, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to access his account.Thinking that it would only be a small amount, Mr Baldrey left it until the next day to check his account, when he was meeting his partner at her mother’s house. Successfully logging onto his account, he learned that he had won £241,508.90 and couldn’t control his excitement: “As soon as I saw the size of the win on the screen I let out the biggest yell and then couldn’t stop leaping about the room and whooping with joy,” said the lottery winner.Mr Baldrey said that he screamed so loudly that both of the couple’s children burst into tears, and his partner refused to believe him until they had received a visit from the winners’ advisor. The winning couple said that the lottery scoop would change their lives, and Mr Baldrey said that it has come at exactly the right time.The lucky lottery player said that money has often been tight for the couple, and despite being engaged they haven’t had the money to even think about planning their wedding. “The wedding will be amazing,” said Mr Baldrey, “and the thought that we will then be coming home to our own house, in our own car, knowing that there is money in the bank for the boys’ futures is the stuff of magic.”In order to give yourself a chance to win, purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at