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Just how lucky is California for Mega Million wins?

Given the number of reported Mega Millions winners this American state has produced over the last year, we’d say it’s very lucky indeed.

We’ve covered numerous lottery winners’ stories from California, but it’s not just the ticket-holders who benefit from a lotto win. In America, retailers who sell winning lottery tickets receive a payout from the lottery too.

Back in May, retailer Lee’s Aguapuro in Pomona, California received $160,000 for selling the Mega Millions ticket that scooped the lottery jackpot of $32 million.

Not surprisingly, retail outlets that sell winning lotto tickets attract a lot of attention from avid lottery players. They are very quickly deemed as ‘lucky’ places to purchase lotto tickets. And of course the retailers benefit from increased ticket sales too, which could result in more wins and more rewards.

Top of the list of lucky Californian retailers is Kavanagh Liquors in San Lorenzo, Alameda, which has sold 4 winning tickets. The 7-Eleven stores also do well with ‘lucky’ tickets. 1 store in Oxnard, Ventura has sold 3 winning tickets, whilst a further 17 stores across the state have each sold 2 winning tickets. This makes a combined total of 37 winning lottery tickets. One of these tickets was purchased by Ronald Willis, who won the lottery jackpot of $120 million in a Mega Millions’ draw back in September, from a 7-Eleven in Palm Springs, Riverside.

Which Californian county has the most ‘lucky retailers’? Well, Los Angeles has 19, which have sold a combined total of 41 winning tickets between them. Hot on their heels is Orange, with 8 “lucky retailers” who have sold 16 between them.

If you’re ever in California for a holiday, why not head to a ‘lucky retailer’ and see if you get lucky with a huge Mega Millions win? Of course you can also play this popular game online, at