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We all have a wish list of things we’d buy if we ever became a lottery jackpot winner, but what if you want more than the obligatory house, holiday and whole new wardrobe?

As you don’t have to live in Italy or even be Italian to play the SuperEnalotto, the world is your oyster if you win the staggering €39,300,000 lottery jackpot in this Tuesday’s draw. All you have to do is have six matching numbers to win the full amount. If you manage to match five numbers and a Jolly number you’ll get a portion of the jackpot prize money. The question is: what do you do with your winnings?

Perhaps you’d like to buy a gold and jewelled Monopoly board for a mere €1.6 million? Because why would you have a standard board when there’s a jewel encrusted version up for grabs…

The Montecristi Panama straw hat costs just €75,000, perfect for keeping the sun off your face on your 5 stars holidays. Or if the weather takes a turn for the worse, grab a crocodile skin umbrella for a tiny €37,500.

For those lottery winners that are thinking of a larger purchase, they can buy the town of Pray in Montana, USA for €1,050,000, because who wouldn’t want their own town at that bargain price!

If you’re thinking of trying your chances in future online lotto draws, you may exchange your old computer mouse with a stunning diamond encrusted model. We reckon you’ll get the cost (€19,296.75) back in no time!

And what can you do if you want to spend all the money in one go? Buy Spam of course! Your €39,300,000 lottery jackpot could buy you 14,886,363 cans of spam, so you’ll never go hungry again!

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