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When lottery winners aren’t banging down the doors of ‘Lottery HQ’ to claim their prize, the National Lottery starts to worry. That’s because most people who play the lottery remember to check their tickets within a few hours or days, some even watch the televised lotto draws. Other winners just wait, and make their claim once the amazing news has sunk in, and they are ready to go public.

But when winners don’t come-a-knocking, the National Lottery starts campaigning to find them. Although unclaimed lottery prizes go to the very worthwhile Good Causes Fund, the National Lottery wants its players to get their reward. We’d like to think that’s because they are incredibly generous, but really it’s to keep the wheels of publicity and promotion turning. But that’s okay.

For Susan and David Nelson it’s a good job the National Lottery are prepared to go the extra mile to seek out their winners. If not, we wouldn’t be calling Mr. and Mrs. Nelson EuroMillions winners right now.

Amazingly the Nelsons didn’t find out they had won the £1m EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize from 16th April’s draw until three weeks after the event. This was thanks to David reading an article about an unclaimed lotto prize in his local paper.

He commented: “As soon as I started reading the Raffle number, I just knew we’d won. We actually had eight tickets left to check and when I went through them, the £1 million was actually just the first prize we’d won. We also had £10 on the Lotto draw on 17th April and £2 on EuroMillions the following Tuesday!” Now that’s just greedy.

His wife is also delighted and said: “David was reading about the unclaimed prize on Friday night. I’d already gone to bed and it was about midnight when he woke me up to tell me the news. After that, neither of us got any sleep, and we were counting down until the morning when we could phone Camelot and check if it was true. We haven’t actually celebrated our win yet, we’re still waiting for it to sink in – but we will be celebrating soon with all our friends and family.”

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