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Who are the latest Mega Millions lottery jackpot winners?

As with the $591 million Powerball lottery jackpot winner, news of the identities of the joint Mega Millions lottery winners was hotly anticipated following the draw. Two ticket-holders, one from Virginia and one from New Jersey share Friday 17th May’s lottery jackpot of $190 million.

As with all big lottery wins, it takes time for the details of the winners to emerge. What we do know is that the Virginia ticket was purchased in Farmville, and the New Jersey ticket was purchased at Kwik Farms in Monmouth County. We also know who the New Jersey Mega Millions winner is. He’s called Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Garofalo, and sensibly claimed his prize on the Thursday following the Friday draw.

We can also tell you, courtesy of the Examiner, that the Mega Millions winner in New Jersey, Giuseppe Garofalo, will be liable for more tax on his share of the $190 million than the winner in Virginia. According to the news article, the New Jersey ticket-holder will pay 10.6%, which is the highest tax of any American state. The Virginia winner will only pay 4%, however both will also pay 25% in federal taxes.

Giuseppe Garofalo has opted for the cash lump sum payout, which makes him $73,279,052 richer before taxes. We wonder what the Virginia Mega Millions winner will do.

As with the Powerball winner, we are keen to learn much more about these lucky Mega Millions players, and what they intend to spend their lotto bounty on. Unfortunately we could be waiting up to 180 days for the identity of the Virginia winner to be known, unless they are as eager to claim their fortune as Mr. Garofalo. But rest assured we will bring you all the details once we have them.

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