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Fancy winning a massive $650 million dollars? You better move to New York or California.

The Mega Millions Lottery is the biggest lottery game in the USA, and holds the record for the largest jackpot in North American history, having given away a massive $656 million in March 2012. That huge jackpot was won by three separate tickets, one each in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland.

The American lottery takes a slightly different format to the national lottery of the UK, for example, as jackpot winnings can be paid in two different ways, giving the lucky winners an option of two different prize totals. If the lottery winner chooses to take his or her Mega Millions winnings in one huge lump sum, they would receive less money than if they opted to take it in annual payments. For example, should one single ticket holder have matched all of the number in the $656 million Mega Millions draw in March 2012, they could have chosen $474 million in one single cash payment, or $656 million in annual payments for a 26 year period.

Despite the combined winners of the record Mega Millions jackpot coming from Illinois, Kansas and Maryland, those states are actually amongst the least lucky American states when it comes to winning the Mega Millions fortune. The March 2012 winner was Kansas’ only jackpot winner to date, while Illinois and Maryland have 8 and 9 winners respectively. New York and California, however, seem to have some serious luck when it comes to the Mega Millions draws, having produced 53 jackpot winners between them. New York having won 29 times and California 24, they are way ahead of New Jersey who comes in at 3rd place with 18 lucky lottery winners. Impressed much? They certainly do seem to have all of the lottery luck in those states… Fancy your chances? It is simple and easy to play Mega Millions online at