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EuroMillions lottery winners prove that money doesn’t buy you happiness

The EuroMillions second biggest winners in history scooped a massive prize back in August 2012 as they won a huge £148 million in the Europe-wide lotto game. Adrian and Gillian Bayford, of Haverhill, Suffolk swore that they wouldn’t let their record breaking win change them as they continued to run their music shop business and took a celebratory trip to a Scottish caravan park with their children; anyway they did shed their modest town house for a £6 million mansion.

However, they have admitted few days ago that despite their hopes for their lottery win to bring them together, the couple, who are parents to two children, are due to divorce citing that their relationship has broken down irretrievably.

Just a year ago, commenting on their lottery win, Mrs Bayford expressed her desire that the EuroMillions windfall would allow them to spend more time together as a family and to enjoy the end of the restraints that they had lived with before their surprise win.

The couple moved their family into a lottery winning £6 million mansion shortly after the EuroMillions draw, but Mr Bayford has now admitted to moving out of the family home and moving into a slightly more modest £500,000 house just 10 minutes away.

Insisting that they get on well, as there were no third parties involved with the split, the UK’s second most famous lottery winning couple are adamant that they can now allow their winnings to help them to build happier lives. And despite living apart, they will work together as a family to bring up their children, splitting what remains of the £148 million lottery jackpot between the two of them.

The National Lottery admitted that the majority of lottery and EuroMillions winners remain with their partners after winning a major prize, and 99 per cent claim to be “as happy or happier” than they were before the win. We hope that Mr and Mrs Bayford will be now, too.

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