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A midwife from Wigan has delivered a bounty unlike any other this month, as she bagged herself a huge £1 million EuroMillions prize.

Ruth Breen, 35, won her incredible prize with a EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle ticket at the beginning of this month and has called her win the biggest delivery of her career. For Ms Breen and her daughter Lucy, 11, the £1 million pay-out will transform their lives, although the hardworking midwife has vowed to keep her job at Wigan Infirmary.

The single mum explained to lottery officials that the change in her life has been dramatic since winning her million, as up until now she has always had to be very careful with money. “It’s gone from having to be very, very careful with money, which has always been tight, to having a million,” she said.

Ms Breen continued to say that while she has been bringing up her daughter she hasn’t had any cash to spare. “Every penny counts, there have been no treats,” she said. Living their lives on a shoestring, the first wish that Ms Breen’s daughter had when she heard that they had become millionaires was to install wireless internet in their house.

Aside from getting Wi-Fi, Ms Breen plans to pay off her mortgage in one go as well as fund Lucy’s education at a private secondary school. She also has plans to make a charitable donation to the Amanda Penk Fund, a charity which raises money for vital maternity care equipment.

The mother and daughter duet will also buy themselves season tickets for the Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club, but they have promised to keep their feet on the ground. Ms Breen splurged on a pair of Jimmy Choos shoes, but said that her splurging will start and end there as she prepares to take her daughter away on holiday to her sister’s caravan in the Yorkshire countryside.

Ms Breen said that the feeling of winning the lottery came in at a close second to when she gave birth to her daughter, and said that her midwifery job comes in third. “Delivering babies is like winning the lottery in that both are a huge privilege and honour.”

Next EuroMillions draw will be held on Friday July 18th, with an estimated jackpot of £11m. Don’t forget to purchase your lottery tickets online at