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A pair of EuroMillions lottery winners from Folkestone in England has told lottery officials how delighted they are to have won their big prize just in time for Christmas.

Michael and Sheila Yeomans won £315,219.50 on the EuroMillions lottery after they matched five numbers and one Lucky Star in the lottery draw on Tuesday, December 2nd. The couple told lottery officials as they collected their cheque that they were still in shock.

The winning pair took a little while to check their tickets, and Mr Yeomans explained why he likes to wait. “I don’t tend to check my tickets straight away; I like to keep that ‘I could be a winner’ excitement going for just a bit longer.”

The EuroMillions winner said that he waited two days to check the numbers, and then he saw them on TV. Seeing that his first line had not matched anything, he began to check his second selection on the ticket and was astounded to see that he had matched all of the five main numbers as well as one out of the two lucky stars. “I shouted to Sheila to come and have a look,” he said, continuing: “when we saw how much it was neither of us believed what we were seeing.”

Once Mrs Yeomans had checked the EuroMillions numbers, the pair said that they couldn’t believe how much money they had won, and in fact they were in so much disbelief that they called their eldest son and asked him to come around to their house to check. “While Damian was whooping about with joy we just sat there in shock like lemons,” said Mr Yeomans of his son’s reaction to the news.

The couple have now shared the news with all four of their children and claimed the money from lottery officials. Despite winning big on the EuroMillions, however, they won’t be making any frivolous purchases, and Mr Yeomans will continue working as a delivery driver while Mrs Yeomans will stay in her job as a support worker.

The EuroMillions winners have put a lot of their money into investments for the future, but they will be making a trip to Canada with their winnings and finishing off some renovations to their house.

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