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A lottery winner who won $1 million on the EuroMillions lottery chose not to tell his wife about his new fortune because he feared it was all a hoax.

Mike Fiske, 57, played a lucky dip ticket on the EuroMillions online, and the next day when he received an email telling him he’d won he couldn’t believe it was true. In fact, he was in so much disbelief that he kept it a secret from his wife of 28 years because he was scared that it would all turn out to be a scam, or worse.

“Despite wanting to believe it was real, the cautious side of me kept thinking it must be a joke,” said Mr Fiske as he collected his prize, alongside his wife, from lottery officials. “When I finally realised I had won, realising it wasn’t a prank or spam email, it felt euphoric.”

The EuroMillions lottery millionaire has said that he has always played the lottery with the philosophy “somebody’s got to win it, it might as well be me,” and when he first saw the email he assumed he had won a small prize of just a few pounds, which he would have immediately put back into his lottery ticket pot. “Little did I think it would be significantly more, enough to top up my online lottery account and more importantly, our pension pot,” Mr Fiske said of his EuroMillions win.

The EuroMillions winner, who works as a geophysicist for an oil company in London, worked for a full week as normal before visiting the Camelot office on Friday, December 6th and having his win confirmed by lottery officials. It was only then that he confided in his wife about their big windfall.

Mr Fiske told lottery officials that since his EuroMillions win on November 28th he has been eagerly preparing for early retirement, and he will be leaving his job at Christmas. Together with his wife, he also plans to spend his winnings on finishing the build of their new house, and dedicating more time to visiting friends and family who live around the world.

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