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The latest Lotto Max millionaire to come out of Canada has said that despite her $1 million being life changing, it won’t stop her from working.

The lottery winner from Saskatchewan, one of Canada’s central provinces, won her jackpot on the Western Lotto Max on March 6th and said that when she first checked her ticket she thought that she had won $100,000. Patricia Desjarlais, from Saskatoon, purchased her ticket for the March 6th draw but then didn’t check her ticket until she was in Calgary, visiting her son, and she checked it on impulse in a convenience store.

“I thought it was five zeros and I thought I knew there was a Saskatchewan Western Lotto Max winner for $100,000,” Ms Desjarlais said of the moment she scanned her ticket and saw the winning total, before she scanned it again and realised that in actual fact there were six zeros. Immediately afterwards, she convinced her son to drive her from his home in Calgary back to Saskatchewan, where she could claim her winnings at lottery offices.

The lottery winner said that she uses the same numbers to play the Western Lotto Max every week and has done for almost 30 years, so when her numbers 5, 9, 16, 26, 31, 38 and 42 were all drawn earlier this month her lucky stars had finally come in. However, Ms Desjarlais said that despite her winnings changing her life, she likes to stay busy and won’t be leaving work anytime soon, and in fact will continue working two jobs.

The Canadian Western Lotto Max millionaire works both as a school bus driver and a parcel courier, and she says she will even continue buying lottery tickets because she has heard of other Canadian winners hitting the jackpot more than once. “I’ve always said I’m going to win the lottery, I just didn’t know when,” Ms Desjarlais said as she told lottery officials of her plans for the winnings.

The grandmother says that despite not planning to give up work immediately, she will be saving a lot of her Western Lotto Max winnings for retirement, as well as taking some much needed trips away and sharing some of the money with her family.

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