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A couple from the Eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland have become the latest lottery millionaires from the region as they took home a huge $1 million prize from the Canadian Lotto Max.

Just a week after another Newfoundland resident picked up just under $1 million on a scratch card, Danielle Stamp and Chris Ward from Mount Pear were collecting their Canadian Lotto Max winnings from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. The couple, who have a ten month old baby, have said that thanks to their winnings they won’t be worrying about childcare just yet, and Ms Stamp will be taking some more time off with their child, instead of returning to work as she was planning to do soon.

“We won’t need to be looking for childcare any time soon, thanks to our big win, and that’s a blessing,” Mr Ward told lottery officials as they collected their Canadian Lotto Max winnings. The winning ticket in question became a winner on May 15th, but the couple didn’t check it immediately, and instead they went fishing.

Stopping for gas on their way to go trouting on Salmonier Line, the couple heard people talking about a winning Lotto Max ticket being sold in Mount Pearl, and so Ms Stamp asked Mr Ward to check the ticket. “But everybody knows there are long line-ups on May 24 weekend so we were like, ‘Nah, we’ll go fishing’”, said Ms Stamp.

On their way back to town after a day of trouting which saw them catch one fish but throw it back because it was too small, the couple finally checked their Canadian Lotto Max ticket and once Mr Ward realised that they had won there was a lot of family excitement, some of which scared the baby. “I went in and called my mom and my mom was screaming, and that upset the baby because he thought there was something wrong,” said Ms Stamp of the moment they shared the news with family members.

Going to her parents’ house immediately after discovering the Canadian Lotto Max win, Ms Stamp said that there were a lot of tears from all involved.

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