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A woman from Brampton, Ontario in Canada who has won $1 million on the national Lotto Max game says that she will be using her money to travel.

Susan Titus, who lives not far away from a couple of lottery winners who won the $50 million top prize last year, won her $1 million Lotto Max MaxMillions prize on the drawing on March 11th, and found out that she had won when she checked the ticket during a day trip to Niagara Falls. The winner explained that she went on a short trip with her husband, and used the ticket checker at the Fallsview Casino the day after the draw. “The words ‘big winner’ popped on the screen,” she told lottery officials at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto when she claimed the Lotto Max prize this week.

However, at first Mrs Titus thought that she had actually won just $1,000, until she scanned it again, just like a UK Lotto winner who last week had to multiply his $10,000 win by 1,000. “I had to scan it again and this time I thought I saw $10,000. I asked my husband to check the Lotto Max ticket as well. He saw every single zero crystal clear. He pulled me aside and said, ‘I think we won big.’”

The couple then went back to their hotel room and celebrated their new Lotto Max fortune with a bottle of wine, tucking the ticket into Mrs Titus’ handbag. Later during their trip, the couple found even more luck thanks to their lottery ticket, as Mrs Titus won a huge $15,000 prize on a slot machine in the same casino where she’d checked the ticket the first time.

The couple are now planning to travel with their Lotto Max winnings, and the first trip will be a train ride across Canada, to the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast of Canada, where the most recent Canadian lottery winner, Robert Jaeger who took home $5 million, lives, as well as one of the largest winner of this year, a grandmother who scored $50 million on the Lotto Max. “We have never been out west so that would be a dream come true. We also recently downsized our home. Maybe it’s time to upsize again,” Mrs Titus said, adding that if they were to buy a new property it would be outside of the city, on a larger lot.

The winning Lotto Max ticket was purchased at Oceans Fresh Food Markets on West Drive in Brampton.

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