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A man from Burlington in Ontario, Canada, has won $1 million on the national Lotto 649 game, but he said he thought his imagination had gone wild when he saw his numbers matched up.

Most recently we told you about a French Canadian family who said their $37.5 million Lotto Max win wouldn’t change anything. Peter Dougherty, who purchased his ticket locally at L&I Variety in the southern Ontario city, told lottery officials that after his numbers were drawn in the Lotto 649 drawing on October 5th, he had to check his ticket four times to make sure that his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, just like another winner who had to get his glasses to make sure his New Zealand Lotto win wasn’t a trick of the mind. “All I kept thinking was: ‘Am I imagining this?’” The lottery player, while collecting his prize at the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Prize Centre in Toronto, said that he waited for his wife to get home and told her he had a surprise for her, before going to the store to get the win validated.

In a story similar to that of a recent Maryland Lottery scratch card winner who played a joke on his wife, Mr Dougherty continued, “I told her we were going somewhere and then we went to the store. I used the ticket checker, knowing it was a big winner, and that’s how my wife found out she was married to a millionaire,” the lucky Lotto 649 winner said with a big grin. Just like a UK factory worker who won £100,000 on a National Lottery scratch card, the couple have remained quite calm, despite the fact that they’ve just become millionaires, and they have made some decisions about how they are going to spend their money, and it’s all going to start with a holiday.

“Everyone in my family has been to Ireland – my kids and my wife. It’s time for me to travel there,” Mr Dougherty told lottery officials. “My wife and I will take a trip to Ireland next year to celebrate our 50th anniversary.”

In the immediate future, Mr Dougherty said that they plan to have a vacation in Bermuda to enjoy some sunshine, and he also wants to treat himself to a trip to the Super Bowl.

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