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There was a long gap between buying their winning ticket and realizing it was a big winner, but the mother and daughter team of Brenda and Julie Page from Radlett in Hertfordshire, England are celebrating a £1m EuroMillions win.

Their win came via the Millionaire Raffle code in the July 8 EuroMillions draw but Brenda buys their lottery tickets four weeks in advance and only checks them when it’s time to buy the next batch. That’s like Robert Unikewicz from Connecticut, USA, who takes time to check his tickets and discovered a $50,000 Powerball win after 3 months. It took Anthony Perosi from New York, USA, six weeks to realize he’d won a $136m Powerball jackpot.

Mrs Page then read of an unclaimed £1m EuroMillions ticket purchased locally so decided to break her habit and check her tickets and realized their ticket was the winner. Immediately she called Julie who was at work and told her they’d won £1m. Her daughter was recently made redundant and was on a temporary job when receiving that life-changing phone call.

The news certainly surprised Julie who thought her mother had “gone a bit loopy” but then worked out her mother was being serious. In the past just like Del Boy from sitcom ‘Only Fools and Horses,’ they have joked that this time next year they’ll be millionaires, and now they are.

She headed home after work and called Camelot to claim their EuroMillions win. Then, just like a $27.3m New Zealand Powerball jackpot winner, they celebrated with a cup of tea. Brenda’s daughter then returned home to tell her fiancée the good news but was in a mischievous mood. Julie told her partner that she had good and bad news. The bad news was she’d received a parking ticket. The good news was he was “about to marry into a millionaire family. “He asked about the parking ticket before the good news hit him and asked her to repeat the bit about being a millionaire.

Part-time stock controller Brenda has been living in privately rented accommodation for several years and now wants to buy her own home. Mary Ellis from England bought her own home after a £443,37 UK Lotto win. Her daughter is planning to have a better than planned wedding and buying her own home. Englishwoman Bev Doran bought a new home after landing a £14.5m EuroMillions jackpot.

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