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September 15 is a date you should be putting down in your diary right this moment. That’s because on that day there is a EuroMillions Superdraw and this time it more than lives up to its name as the jackpot is €130m (an estimated £115m).

Normally the EuroMillions Superdraws have a jackpot of €100m which equates to around £87m. A lucky ticket holder in the UK won’t need to be reminded of that figure after winning a EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot on June 30 of this year.

EuroMillions Supedraws are really something to look forward to as they only happen every now and then. Before the June 30 Superdraw, there hadn’t been one since Friday September 30, 2016 and that ended in a rollover with the top prize rolling over until October 11 when a ticket sold in Belgium won the €168,085,323 EuroMillions jackpot.

If the €130m EuroMillions jackpot isn’t won on September 15, then the top prize will continue to rollover until reaching the maximum of €190 million. That happened back in 2014 when a EuroMillions Superdraw failed to produce a winner and it kept rolling over until a ticket purchased in Portugal landed the €190m EuroMillions jackpot.

It’s been a hugely successful summer for EuroMillions players with a series of jackpots being won. The largest win since the last EuroMillions Superdraw was the £51,702,049 EuroMillions jackpot won by a ticket sold in the UK on July 30.

This really is going to be a EuroMillions Superdraw to remember. In June, the draw prior to the Superdraw had a £70,127,201 jackpot but the rise in the size of the jackpot is going to be a lot more this time around. The jackpot on offer in the September 5 draw is £15m after a ticket sold in France won a €28,287,321 EuroMillions jackpot last Friday. That was the third EuroMillions jackpot win in the past four draws and with just three draws before the Superdraw, there’s bound to be a massive increase in the size of the jackpot

That means our readers might just need to take a look at the article we published giving you advice on how to spend a €100m EuroMillions jackpot, though of course this time there’s another €30m to play with. Two of the three EuroMillions Superdraws held in September have produced jackpot winners, let’s hope another win is just around the corner.

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