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A scratch card that his sister bought him at the last minute proved to be the ultimate birthday gift for a Maryland man who won $30,000.

Walker Bazemore, from Belcamp in Maryland was preparing for his birthday party when he realised he had forgotten to buy sour cream dip. He called his sister who was on her way to the party, and asked her to pick up some sour cream on her way, which she did, but she also got her brother a Maryland Lottery Polar Pay-out scratch card as a last minute birthday present. A couple won $9 million on the New Zealand Powerball lottery thanks to forgotten groceries.

“I have never bought a Lottery ticket in my life – still haven’t,” the 26-year-old birthday boy said. “So it was a new experience when she gave it to me.” Mr Bazemore received his scratch card present just half an hour before his friends arrived to celebrate with him, and after he scratched off the ticket he rushed out to a lottery retailer to check it before his guests arrived. A Michigan lottery player won $300,000 on a scratch card received as a birthday gift, while a Powerball winner from California won $779,264 on her birthday.

“My sister is a prankster, we both are,” the lucky scratch card winner said. “We’re always trying to get one another. I really thought it was a joke when I saw the $30,000, that it was a fake ticket.” A EuroMillions winner from South Wales thought his winning ticket was a prank from his brother.

However, when he arrived back at the party, he knew for certain that he was a big time scratch card winner, and the party took on a huge secondary purpose. “It was sheer jubilation when the guy at the store ran it through the machine and told me it was a winner,” he said. “This really is a life-changer for me.”

Now that his birthday is over and the news has sunk in, the scratch card winner plans to spend his $30,000 on paying off some bills, including student loans and payments on a condo that he recently bought. Recently a couple from Ontario in Canada planned to use their $1 million Lotto Max windfall to help pay off their daughter’s student loans.

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