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A truck driver from the Bay Area of California stopped off at a coffee shop for a morning pick me up and the check his Powerball tickets, and left more than a quarter million dollars richer.

Thuan Nguyen stopped off at his local coffee shop, “Da Huong Sandwich and Coffee”, which is located at 605 East 12th Street in Oakland, and left the store a changed man. “I got a coffee and a quarter of a million dollars” he told California Lottery officials, just like a New York woman who called into a 7-Eleven for coffee and won $7 million on a scratch card. In actual fact, when Mr Nguyen checked his Powerball tickets that morning, he realised that one purchased for the drawing on November 25th had actually matched five out of the six numbers drawn. A recent Mega Millions winner from Texas won his $177 million thanks to a stop off for coffee.

That prize was worth more than a quarter of a million dollars, Mr Nguyen was set to collect $374,181 before taxes. “My hand was really shaking,” the Powerball winner said. “My heart wanted to stop.” Another Californian truck driver won $1 million on a scratch card not long ago and was just as shocked.

Instead of carrying on with his day as normal, the lucky Californian lottery player took his tickets straight home and put it in a safe place, and had to wait until the California Lottery office in Sacramento opened later that morning. A Virginia man who won $1 million on the Powerball kept his ticket safe in a plastic bag. “I put it inside my pillow,” the Californian Powerball winner said, explaining that there was no way he’d be sleeping before claiming the prize. A Mega Millions winner from Maryland also admitted to getting no sleep after realising he’d won $15,000 on the lottery.

Mr Nguyen told California lottery officials that he often enjoys buying lottery tickets at a coffee shop or gas station, particularly when he sees that the jackpot is high. On this particular occasion, the Powerball prize was worth $149 million, and Mr Nguyen was just one number short of claiming the jackpot.

“I’m so happy for this,” the lucky Californian said. “It means a lot.” The Powerball winner plans to use his winnings to pay off the mortgage on his home and possibly buy another to fix up.

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