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The lottery can change people’s lives forever and that’s certainly been the case for Tiffany Moore from Avondale in Newfoundland, Canada.  A week that began with a serious car accident ended with her family being part of a $60m Lotto Max winning syndicate and now her dreams are coming true.

On February 16, the single mother was driving her seven-year-old son to a hockey tournament in Whitbourne, when her car hit some ice and rolled over three times. Her son wasn’t injured but Tiffany received facial injuries and was concussed, and her car is write-off.

Moore was lucky not to lose an eye and her luck continued later in the week.  Her mother, Sherry Moore Hickey buys Lotto Max tickets for a 31-strong syndicate of workers from the Come by Chance Refinery. The following Saturday, Tiffany was back home resting when she received a phone call from her mum at 5.30am and she was crying. Her daughter feared the worst but then her step-father Lee read out the numbers that had made them Lotto Max millionaires. Sonia Davies from Wales will relate to this story, she escaped death and then won a £61m EuroMillions jackpot.

“I lost my mind. I actually just walked around the house for about 20 minutes after in shock, just pacing and not even really processing it,” said the surprised daughter. Both of her parents will receive a share of the Lotto Max jackpot meaning winnings of nearly $4m. That’s like Jane and Alan Slater from the Isle of Wight who had a double EuroMillions win.

That means good news for their daughter who has been told her parents will buy her a new car. Shirley and Dennis Banfield from England, promised to help their daughters after winning a £18m UK Lotto jackpot.

The 29-year-old will also be getting a new home which has been one of her dreams for 2018. Her parents plan to build a new home just like English couple Tommy and Linda Parker did after their £5m UK Lotto win, and Tiffany can move into their current one. “I feel like I’m in a dream and I just haven’t woke up yet,” she said. “It’s just been hard as a single parent I think to get all those things,” she said. The good news continues as her parents have told her they will cover her son’s education costs.

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