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A teenager from the province of Québec in Canada will receive $1,000 a week for the rest of her life thanks to a scratch card purchased on her 18th birthday.

Charlie Lagarde turned 18 on the 14th of March, and to celebrate she went to her local store and purchased a bottle of champagne and a scratch card lottery ticket, two things that she couldn’t purchase before her milestone birthday. The lottery ticket was called “Gagnant a vie”, which translates to “win for life”, and that indeed is what happened to Ms Lagarde. A Chicago teenager became a multi-millionaire after winning $4m on a scratch card she was given by her father for her 19th birthday.

Her scratch card won the top prize, and she was presented with the choice of taking home a lump sum worth $1 million, or the $1,000 prize fund every week for the rest of her life. The teenager told lottery officials that she consulted a financial advisor to make her decision, and eventually decided on the $1,000 weekly payment because she won’t have to pay any taxes on it. Other lucky Québecers who won on the lottery include a pensioner who took home more than $1 million on a Loto Québec game for the second time in two years, and a Montreal lottery fan who took home $37.5 million but vowed not to change anything.

“It’s without taxes so it’s equivalent to a salary of more than $100,000 a year,” said Patrice Lavoie, a spokesperson for the Québec Lottery corporation, of Ms Lagarde’s choice. “It’s a great start in life for that young lady. That was her first lottery ticket ever and she fell upon a winning ticket.” A syndicate of family members from Ireland won €500,000 on the first EuroMillions ticket they ever bought together.

The $1,000 weekly payment will go far for Ms Lagarde, who told lottery officials that she wants to use it to travel around the world, and it will also go towards her education. “I want to study photography,” the big winner told Loto Québec. “One of my dreams would be to work for National Geographic.” Another 18-year-old who won the lottery was Scottish Jane Park who took home £1 million playing the EuroMillions, but didn’t change much about her life at all.

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