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A recent lottery audit has revealed that some people have been winning the Colorado Lottery more times than odds would expect, leaving officials wondering if there has been any wrongdoing.

The audit revealed that some individuals have taken home more high value Colorado Lottery prizes over the last three years than lottery playing odds would suggest, and lottery officials revealed that something could be amiss. One person won a Colorado Lottery prize worth $600 or more from the state’s Pick 3 lottery game a total of 47 times over the last three years which won them a total of $35,370. Recently we told you about a man from Denver in Colorado who came forward after five months to claim a Colorado Lottery prize worth just under $2 million.

Another player won over $600 from the same Pick 3 Colorado Lottery game 26 times within the space of just nine months, while another lottery player who is also a licenced Colorado Lottery retailer has won more than expected. This player won the Pick 3 lottery game 24 times over the last three years with all of the tickets purchased from their own store and taking home $39,750. Earlier this year we told you about a lottery player from Iowa who was jailed for rigging lottery draws across the USA, as well as an Australian whose secret formula won him several millions on lottery games but eventually was outlawed across many lottery playing countries.

The Colorado Lottery auditors said that they have identified a handful of people who between them have won 18% of all high-dollar prizes paid out within the state, and 20% of Pick 3 lottery winnings between January 2015 and February 2018. Auditors said that the odds of these players winning as many times as they have would be around one in 33 million. A Colorado couple who won two top lottery prizes in six months would have beat odds that were much lower to do so, as would a player called ‘Paul G’, also from Colorado, who won three Colorado Lottery prizes in a year and a half, totalling $1 million.

“Although all of the individuals we identified through our analysis may have just been lucky and/or they purchased a lot of tickets, the unusually high number of wins for each of them, and the fact that one is them is a Lottery retailer, raises a question as to the legitimacy of the wins,” the Colorado Lottery auditors said, revealing that lottery officials will continue to look into the matter.

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