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A woman from Dundalk in Maryland, USA, has revealed that she was getting tired of scratching off her winning scratch card until she realised how much it was worth.

Cynthia Dashiell, from Maryland, told lottery officials that she loves scratching off lottery tickets, and particularly enjoys the suspense of a lottery scratch card, but on this occasion she wasn’t quite feeling it. The 58 year old chose a Deluxe Crossword scratch card, which she said that she began scratching in the store where she bought it. Recently another loyal Maryland scratch card fan won $50,000 on a scratch card game, while a Maryland man won $50,000 and then $250,000 on scratch cards.

Ms Dashiell said that when she was scratching the Deluxe Crossword card, she started off as usual as she uncovered the letters. “I began to get tired,” she told Maryland Lottery officials, continuing to explain that instead she scanned it on the ticket checker within the store, and when the $50,000 prize flashed up, she soon had more energy.

“I started going back and checking the words,” she explained. The scratch card fan plays a lot of Maryland Lottery games, including scratch cards and other lotteries, but the most she’s ever won before was $1,000.

The lucky Maryland woman said that she will use the proceeds from her scratch card to make improvements to her home and pay off her car. Just like a member of a EuroMillions syndicate from England who wanted a new bathroom with their winnings , “I’ve got to get that bathroom done,” she said, continuing to say that she will use some more of her $50,000 pay day to surprise her children. A Bonus Match 5 winner  from Washington DC planned to pay for his children’s educations  with his winnings, while a couple from England treated their children to a chocolate bar after winning on the UK Lotto.

“I’ll treat them!” She grinned. The Quick Mart store, where Ms Dundalk purchased her winning Deluxe Crossword scratch card, won a $500 bonus from the Maryland lottery for selling a winning ticket.

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